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With its smart design, the Cafitesse machine makes a cup of fresh coffee readily available to everybody in no time. The airtight packaging and sealed system ensure all the flavour and enticing aromas are fully preserved. For perfect aromatic coffee, cup after cup.

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When evaluating cost, it’s important to be aware of not just the cost of the coffee, but also the associated costs and resources required to prepare each cup.

Find out more for the true cost per cup Comparisons.

Promesso….Coming Soon!

With Promesso you can finally experience a coffee system that is as tasteful and stylish as it is reliable. It offers you the quality you want while giving you the consistency you need. Allowing you to create every personal coffee you can imagine. So, why compromise?

Your personal coffee

The finest selection of 100% arabica beans are at the heart of the outspoken personality of Promesso Blend No. 1. This characterful coffee combines carefully roasted notes and rich aromas for a deep well balanced taste. Allowing you to create every coffee you can imagine,  from a pure espresso to a lavish cappuccino or latte macchiato, without compromise.


Cafitesse Excellence

The Cafitesse Excellence from Douwe Egberts brings top quality components and design together. It’s for good reason that the Cafitesse Excellence has received the GIO-award, a recognition of design, craftsmanship and commercial appeal. This coffee machine makes a positive statement about every business that has it.


Contains: Coffee: 2 Liter
Capacity: 290 cups / hour
Energy Label / Power Usage: 230 – 230 Volt
Electricity / Power in Watt: 14 Volt / 3300 Power in Watt
Weight empty: 37 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 690 x 380 x 520 mm
Water supply: Yes
Production rate: 6 sec/cup

Compact Excellence

Cafitesse Excellence Compact is smartly designed to deliver a wide choice of coffee blends and drink variations. With each cup easily prepared to any desired combination of blend, strength and milk content. From a strong espresso to an indulgent cappuccino, milky latte macchiato, tasty Wiener Melange or sweet chocolate, Cafitesse Excellence Compact means you can maintain impressively high standards that please everybody’s preference.


Variations: Espresso / Cappuccino / Cafe creme / Latte macchiato / Coffee
Coffee: 1.25 Liter / Milk: 0.75 Liter
Energy Label / Power Usage: 0 – 230 Volt
Weight empty: 22 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 560 x 386 x 420 mm
Production rate: 17 sec/cup, 90 sec/jug (0,9L)


Quantum NG300

The Cafitesse NG 300 is a super fast worker. In just three seconds, you’ve got a top quality cup of coffee in your hand. Preparing large quantities of coffee is also child’s play for this powerhouse. It can simultaneously fill two jugs in less than half a minute.


Contains: Coffee: 2.5 Liter
Capacity: 300 cups / hour
Energy Label / Power Usage: 230 – 230 Volt
Electricity / Power in Watt: – Volt / 3500 Power in Watt
Weight empty: 37 Kg
Dimensions (HxWxD): 771 x 351 x 525 mm
Water supply: Yes
Production rate: 6 sec/cup

Watch this video to see the true quality and performance of the Quantum 300 machine.

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