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Piazza d’Oro offers a selection of outspoken blends that excite, delight and inspire. Utilising only carefully selected origins, each with its own unique set of flavours, aromas and characteristics. We create an ever surprising, always invigorating and truly outspoken taste experience, to make taste come alive.

Passionate about coffee

With years of hands-on experience, the team at Mecklenburgh drinks are experts in providing high-quality coffee solutions across all areas of Foodservice.

Be it barista training, engineering or Marketing support we have an expert team ready to meet your every need, backed up by the 250 years of knowledge from Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

Since the merger with Mondelez, Jacobs Douwe Egberts are now the largest pure-play coffee & tea company in the world.

Being partnered with them gives us access to exclusive products and services, and unparalleled support in looking after our customers.


Whether you’re a coffee professional, looking for a superior quality traditional espresso machine using hand selected beans, or a small operation seeking a coffee system which provides incomparable results with ultimate convenience, Mecklenburgh Drinks has the right solution for you.

Coffee Products

Piazzo D'oro

Piazza d’Oro Espresso premium coffee blends are consistently exceptional, each with a distinctive espresso character. From delicate yet complex , to rich full bodied dark roast, these stylish coffees have been choosen by Douwe Egberts Master Roasters who have learnt a few things about coffee over the past 250 years.

Douwe Egberts Espresso

Our exceptional range of espresso beans are the result of more than 250 years of expertise, passed on to our Master Roasters. Only the finest Arabica and Robusta beans are selected, blended and roasted to an exacting standard to produce our range of different blends.

Bespoke Roast

Can’t see something that you like? Let us roast something just for you! We have a number of small-batch blends exclusively available to Mecklenburgh Drinks customers. These can be labeled and bagged with a design of your choosing.

Liquid Roast Coffee

What is Liquid Roast?

Pure coffee – as fresh as the day it was roasted. We take high quality green coffee beans, expertly blend and roast them in exactly the same way as our other coffee products. We brew the coffee in optimal conditions, pack it into clean containers and quickly freeze it, to lock in the flavour and ensure the coffee in your cup is as fresh as it can be. Our liquid roast is THE SIMPLEST WAY to produce high quality, high volume coffee.

Roast and Ground coffees

Roast & Ground

We take the finest beans, blend and roast them to perfection, then grind them in laboratory conditions to give the optimal particle size for perfect coffee from filter or cafetiere machines. Then we pack them to optimize freshness, and send them out to you!

Instant / DE Sticks

Mecklenburgh Drink Solutions has a fantastic range of Douwe Egberts vending bags suitable for all types of dispense machines.

When speed and simplicity are key, coffee sticks provide the perfect solution. A pre-measured quantity of coffee in an easy to use pack, just pour into a mug and add hot water.

We supply only the best in Douwe Egberts instant coffee sticks.

Barista Bits

We understand the importance of professional equipment that performs perfectly time and time again.

We always pick the best and if the best we find isn’t good enough, we get our own versions made exactly as it should be.

DaVinci Syrups


Syrups from DaVinci Gourmet provide delicious flavour boosts to coffee, café drinks, teas, lemonades, shakes, frappes, desserts and recipes.

Our syrups will supercharge almost any drink known to baristakind, turning up authentic flavours whether served hot or cold.


Before Clipper, the world of tea looked very different. Back then, people didn’t think too hard about what was inside the bag. In the UK, tea was tea. It came in a cup with milk. And sugar. Often too much. Then, in 1984, along came our founders, Mike and Lorraine – two tea fanatics, determined to change the world of tea forever.

Branded mugs and crockery

Cups & Crockery

We give you the opportunity to use custom printed crockery and glassware with no minimum order.

This means you can replace breakages or simply top up as you expand with the exact quantity you need and spend no more on cups, mugs and glasses than you need to keep your coffeeshop, restaurant, hotel, hair salon, car showroom or wherever you serve drinks, running smoothly!


You need great equipment to realize the potential of great coffee. At Mecklenburgh Drinks we have carefully selected our equipment partners to provide a range of coffee machines to suit every site, budget and requirement.


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