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The meaning of excellence

‘Piazza D’Oro’ translates as ‘Square of Gold’ from Italian, and Piazza D’Oro (PDO) was created to represent espresso exellence – built on the foundations of Italian Espresso history. PDO Espresso is a well-recognised and established brand. It has a strong personality – we stand for great coffee, farmed in a sustainable manner.

A range of blends, barista training (to make sure our coffee is perfectly delivered to the table) and branded collateral – help our stockists to sell the brand.


Piazza D’Oro Espresso coffee is proud to be UTZ CERTIFIED. UTZ – which stands for good in Mayan language from Guatemala, is at the forefront of sustainable farming and providing better opportunities for farmers, their families and the environment.

The UTZ CERTIFIED programme enables farmers to improve working conditions and take better care of their children and the environment.

When it comes to good coffee, practice makes perfect

We’ve gone to quite a lot of trouble to make sure we produce the perfect blend. To protect our brand equity and to ensure the best cup of coffee reaches your customer’s table, we provide a training service for baristas.

Professional, high quality barista training is essential to maximise your business investment. After all, we can provide the greatest coffee in the world, but if your coffee is served at the wrong temperature, or is lacking in strength, then your customers are not going to enjoy the end result. Get in touch to find out more about the training we can provide you.

The Blends
An exquisite blend of the best Arabica beans gives Forza its strong character, notes of chocolate, dark fudge and a hint of macadamia nuts makes for an impressive taste experience.
This dark roasted blend has an intense flavour characterised with hints of black pepper, nutmeg and cedar.
Carefully roasted Arabica beans give Dolce a sweet and soft character, it has a balanced taste with subtle notes of dried apricots, fresh roasted shelled peanuts and a citrus acidity.


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