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Liquid Roast

Pure coffee – as fresh as the day it was roasted. We take high quality green coffee beans, expertly blend and roast them in exactly the same way as our other coffee products. We brew the coffee in optimal conditions, pack it into clean containers and quickly freeze it, to lock in the flavour and ensure the coffee in your cup is as fresh as it can be. Our liquid roast is THE SIMPLEST WAY to produce high quality, high volume coffee.

All the Products and all the Machines

Cafitesse Superior Dark Excellence

Superior Dark Excellence

Superior Dark Excellence has a deep and pure Roast and Ground taste with a fresh aroma. Consisting of 100% Arabica beans. Works perfectly as a black coffee and equally well as a base for speciality milk beverages.

Medium Roast

Medium/full bodied coffee with a fresh, pure and balanced taste. Blend consists mainly of Central & South American Arabica beans from Colombia, Peru, Brazil and a small quantity of high quality Robusta.

Cafitesse Medium Roast
Cafitesse Mediterraneo


Mediterraneo is a full bodied coffee with an intense taste. It is strong and well balanced, with a somewhat sweet, spicy aftertaste. It is a good base for specialty drinks. Mediterraneo consists of high quality Robusta coffee from different origins.


Medium-strength coffee. For a premium decaffeinated coffee experience, this 100% Arabica blend delivers refined complexity with fine fruit and floral aromas. High quality beans are washed and carefully decaffeinated before roasting to produce a medium-strength coffee with a light, malty character.

DE Cafitesse Decafinated

Coffee Cup Comparison

When evaluating cost, it’s important to be aware of not just the cost of the coffee, but also the associated costs and resources required to prepare each cup.

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